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Who is it: Create with users top-of-mind

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Create with users top-of-mind

You have just completed your user investigation and have a massive amount of data available to you.

Your database is chock-full of responses to motivations, frustrations, preferred ways of communication, and a lot more fascinating information about your (potential) user.

So, what now? Well … now it is time to create personas!

Get started

Learn why it is important to know your customer, understand motivations and requirements

Create user-centric

Support your product idea validation and enable the building of user-centric products

Improve delivery

Segment user groups and understand what will generate the most value for them and why that is, resulting in a focused delivery

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10+ page guidebook
Persona Template (fillable)
Persona Template (customizable
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Who is it: Create with users top-of-mind

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